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Types Of Breast Reshaping Surgeries

These days, breast reshaping treatments are among the most popular cosmetic procedures. To meet the demands and aesthetic objectives of each client, they provide a range of alternatives for breast augmentation, reduction, or lift.

Several techniques may help you attain your desired look, whether you want to seem younger, reduce discomfort from too big breasts, or just raise the size of your breasts. You may choose the best technique for your unique needs and aesthetic preferences by speaking with the knowledgeable staff at Handa Aesthetics.

Breast Augmentation – Optimizing Size and Shape

The purpose of breast augmentation, sometimes known as a “boob job,” is to enhance the size and contour of the breasts. Implants are positioned beneath the breast tissues or chest muscles during this operation.

There are several kinds of implants available, each with special advantages of its own.


Many people find the natural feel of silicone implants, which are packed with silicone gel, to be pleasing. The sensation of these implants is well recognized to be very similar to that of real breast tissue.


Sterile salt water is used to fill saline implants. Smaller incisions are possible because they are filled after being introduced unfilled. Because the saline fluid may be harmlessly absorbed by the body in the unlikely case of a rupture, these implants are frequently selected because of their safety profile.

Gummy Bear

Form-stable implants, often known as gummy bear implants, keep their shape even if the shell cracks. With a more realistic appearance and feel, these implants are composed of a solid gel that is harder than conventional silicone implants.

  • Breast augmentation is the best option for those who want to balance uneven breasts, increase breast size, or replace volume lost after pregnancy or weight reduction.
  • Enhanced body proportions, increased self-esteem, and better breast size and form are all advantages of breast augmentation.
  • Like any operation, there are dangers associated with it, though, including infection, changes in breast feel, and implant leaking.

Breast Reduction Surgery – Easing Pain and Improving Proportion

The goal of breast reduction surgery is to reduce pain and establish a breast size that is proportionate to your body by removing extra skin, glandular tissue, and fat. This operation is very helpful for those who have big breasts and are causing physical constraints, skin irritation under the breast fold, or persistent pain in the shoulders, back, or neck.

  • Large, heavy breasts that impede physical activity, cause physical discomfort, or make a person feel self-conscious or anxious around others are the best patients for breast reduction surgery.
  • Pain alleviation, a better capacity for physical activity, and a more positive body image are among the advantages of breast reduction.
  • Scarring, changes in breast or nipple feeling, and possible difficulties nursing are risks related to the treatment.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) – Achieving a Younger Look

To elevate the breasts, a breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, involves removing extra skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. It’s also appropriate for those with stretched tissue and swollen areolas, or nipples that are below the breast crease.

A breast lift can be performed using a variety of methods, including the doughnut, lollipop, and anchor procedures. Various incision patterns are used in each approach to best meet the demands of the person and the amount of lift that is needed.

  • People who have drooping breasts as a result of pregnancy, ageing, or weight changes are good candidates for this procedure.
  • A breast lift can result in a raised and younger-looking breast appearance, better breast projection and form, and improved body contouring.
  • The possibility of wound healing difficulties, modifications to breast or nipple feeling, and scars are the associated risks.

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Breast Reconstruction – Restoring Shape and Comfort

Rebuilding a breast’s appearance and form is the goal of breast reconstruction, usually after a mastectomy or other trauma. Tissue from other body areas or implants may be used in this procedure.

Similar to breast augmentation, implant-based reconstruction entails the implantation of an implant to create a new breast. Reconstructing the breast by flap reconstruction involves using tissue transplanted from other body areas, such as the back or abdomen. Although this approach is more complicated than implant-based reconstruction, it can offer a more natural feel and appearance.

  • Those who have had a mastectomy or had severe breast injuries and want to restore breast symmetry and attractiveness are the best candidates for breast reconstruction.
  • Breast reconstruction results in better body image, more self-esteem, and a restored look of the breasts.
  • Scarring, tissue death during flap surgeries, and implant problems are among the risks.

Selecting the Appropriate Procedure

Your age, your health, and your objectives all play a role in which breast-reshaping operation you should choose. It’s crucial to have a comprehensive consultation with a licensed cosmetic surgeon who can evaluate your needs and suggest the best course of action. Here’s a deeper look at some things to think about:

  • Age: While elderly patients may choose a reduction to ease physical discomfort or a lift to combat drooping, younger patients may pick augmentation to improve their form. The correct age depends on the procedure the individual is looking for.
  • Health: Your general state of health may affect whether you can recover after surgery. To guarantee a safe treatment, it’s critical to let your surgeon know about any medical issues.
  • Objectives: Clearly state your functional or artistic objectives. Knowing your goals can help you make the best choice, whether the objective of the procedure is to raise drooping breasts, improve size, or lessen discomfort.


There are several ways to improve your physical comfort, confidence, and beauty with breast reshaping surgery. Whether you’re thinking about reconstruction, augmentation, reduction, or a lift, knowing the advantages of each treatment can help you make a smart decision.

Selecting the appropriate treatment and surgeon is essential for a good breast-reshaping experience. Speaking with a knowledgeable surgeon can help you get the finest guidance and treatment that is specific to your circumstances and will help you reach your goals.

Thus, talk to experts, and decide what’s best for your happiness and well-being. Make an appointment for a consultation with Handa Aesthetics’ knowledgeable cosmetic surgeons right now for individualized guidance and superior treatment. When done properly, breast contouring surgery may be a life-changing procedure that boosts confidence and provides long-lasting happiness.

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