Privacy Policy

Handa Aesthetics and Plastics, a premier cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi, understands its obligations to religiously stick to the highest standards of integrity for all online visitors. We have created some privacy practices for appropriately maintaining these standards.

Use of the Website and Cookies

For the ease and convenience of all website visitors or patients, we have taken care to publish all general information on our website. Like most other websites, we use cookies for the purpose of optimizing the website’s functionality at its best. Cookies are referred to as small text files located in the system that stores data, like specific preferences of users. This, in turn, enables us to provide much better service for users’ next visit.

With the help of cookies, we aim to track usage patterns on the website, control the displaying of advertisements, deliver editorial content, and for the purpose of recording registration as well as personalization information. Our cookies might contain information that is personally identifiable and those cookies might be shared with our affiliated companies.

If you are not interested or do not want cookies, you can set your web browser accordingly to ensure that cookies are not allowed. Moreover, you can set your browser to ask for permission before sending cookies where you can either accept or deny the permission. If needed, the cookies can be deleted from a system through the web browser. Please make a note that if cookies are disabled, rejected, or not allowed, you might not be able to view some or all features of our website. Some portions of the website might not work properly when cookies are rejected.

Personal Information

Handa Aesthetics and Plastics collects personal information with the knowledge and consent of the users. This can include name, contact number, email id, etc. Optional personal information such as age, gender, and others might also be requested. In addition to collecting information directly from the users, we can also collect information through referrals from other users as well as third parties. Personal information that is related to clients, as well as potential clients, is used to provide services associated with the clinic. The information we collect via our website includes the information provided by the users to us at the time of filling out the contact form, any messages or comments that you submit through this website, or to the email addresses presented on our website.

Protection of Information

Handa Aesthetics and Plastics used the information provided by users to provide them with the service they have requested. The information might also be used for communication with the users about new products, services, features, etc. or to improve the overall offerings customized as per the specific needs of every user. We take very good care of all the personal details and other information shared by users. We ensure the complete security of each piece of information.

We make sure not to share any personal information with any of the third parties without users’ permission. We do not sell users’ email addresses. Our team might share email addresses, or other information with our affiliate partners who we think might be in a position to offer better products or services as needed by the users. In order to protect the users’ personal information against loss or any kind of illegitimate processing, necessary technical as well as organizational measures are taken.

If you need more details on our privacy policies or have any questions regarding the same, please get in touch with our team without any kind of hesitation. Our team would be more than happy to help you every time.