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Rhinoplasty Surgery In Delhi

Rhinoplasty is a medical procedure that essentially reshapes your nose. The underlying object of rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi may be both cosmetics or improved breathing or both. It’s pertinent to understand the anatomy of the nose to wisely acknowledge rhinoplasty. The upper portion of our nose is bone and the lower part is the cartilage. Rhinoplasty can possibly change your cartilage, skin, and bone as well.

The nose surgery may be performed inside the nose or by making a small incision at its base, between the nostrils. For minute changes, your surgeon may use cartilage from the ear or deeper inside of the nose. However, for relatively larger changes, cartilage may be taken from the rib or other body parts. Subsequently, the nose’s skin and tissues are replaced back and sealed with stitches. Moreover, if the septum (wall between two sides of your nose) is crooked or deviated, it can be nursed by the surgeon to improve breathing. Let’s know more about rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi.

Right Candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi

If you are best suited for rhinoplasty or not is for your surgeon to ponder upon. The doctor would analyze your facial features, skin on the nose, and your wants. A customized plan will be architectured if you make the right candidate for this surgery. The following factors play a pressing role in deciding your eligibility for your nose surgery-

  • Overall health condition
  • Complete facial growth. If nose surgery is to be performed solely for cosmetics, it is advisable to wait till your nasal bone grows completely. For girls, it fully grows at about 15 years of age and for boys, it might take a few more years. However, if it is being adopted for treating any infirmities, then rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi can be performed at an early age as well.
  • A habitual smoker may not be a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty.
  • Functional infirmities of the nose.
  • Appearance concerns.

Rhinoplasty Surgery cost in Delhi

Our prices are reasonable and transparent. We aim to provide the highest quality of services at accessible prices. When you meet our doctors they will explain the details of our price structure with complete transparency. However, the following factors significantly influence the rhinoplasty surgery cost in Delhi-

  • Location
  • Experience of the doctor
  • Length of your hospital stay
  • Type of surgery
  • The clinic you choose

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Best Surgeon for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi

It's important to understand that the two fundamental components of a successful surgery are the expertise of the surgeon and the devotedness of the patient. If you miss out on any one of them, it will adversely devoid you of the maximum results of the surgery. Therefore, it is germane to look into the credentials of the doctor you are considering to approach. Always analyze the records, experience, and reviews of the doctor. A detailed pre-surgery consultation also efficiently assists in determining the credibility of the surgeon.

Types of Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi:

There are different types of rhinoplasty surgery on the basis of the requirements and the type of incision made.
  • Wide nose rhinoplasty is usually done to improve and treat the appearance of a very wide nose. The major bones in cartilages are adjusted and sculpted to give the shape of a smaller nose.
  • Open and closed incision nose surgery: the incisions made during the surgery can be of two types, an open incision or a closed incision. An open incision involves slightly more intrusive methods. In open incisions, the cut is made around the nostrils, and the surgeon then makes the required changes.
  • In a closed incision, the cut or incision is made between the nostril so that it's hidden and the procedure is done accordingly.
  • Tip plasty: This is done in the case where small adjustments reducing the nostril size or the readjustment of the tip are required.

What are the benefits of rhinoplasty in Delhi?

Considering rhinoplasty not only helps with aesthetic concerns, but can also help with proper breathing.

  • It can help reduce a very wide or big nose.
  • You can get a slimmer and well-shaped nasal bridge.
  • The procedure can help smoothen any bumps or uneven appearances on the nose.
  • A rhinoplasty helps improve the overall symmetry of the nose.
  • The procedure can help reduce the bulbous appearance of the nose.

What does the procedure include?

  • The rhinoplasty surgery involves a thorough assessment by the doctor to analyse the problem in the area of the nose and correct it.
  • After the proper assessment, the doctor devises a surgical plan and the incisions.
  • Anaesthesia is administered to the patients, and then surgery is performed to ensure minimal pain.
  • Different incisions are made, and then the face around the nose is sculpted and readjusted to give proper shape to the nose.
  • Once the procedure is done, the incisions are sutured up, and bandages are applied to give proper support.

What to expect on the day of rhinoplasty surgery?

Your surgeon will either employ local or general anaesthetic. If the surgery is uncomplicated, you will be given local anaesthetic through your nose, which will also numb your face. You may also be given medication via IV line, which will make you drowsy but keep you awake.

General anaesthesia involves inhaling or receiving medication through an IV that renders you unconscious. Once you're numb or unconscious, your surgeon will make cuts between or inside your nostrils. Before beginning the reshaping, they'll detach your skin from your cartilage or bone. If your nose requires a little quantity of extra cartilage, your doctor may extract some from your ear or deep inside your nose. Rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi is available with Dr Handa.

Rhinoplasty Aftercare and Recovery

Your surgeon performing rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi may apply a plastic or metal splint on your nose following surgery. While your nose heals, the splint will help it retain its new shape. They may also insert nasal packs or splints into your nostrils to help stabilise your septum.

Following surgery, you will be observed in a recovery room for at least a few hours. If everything is in order, you will depart the next day after pack removal. Because the anaesthetic will still affect you, you'll need someone to drive you home. If the procedure is difficult, you may need to stay in the hospital for a day or two.

You may have absorbable stitches, which dissolve and do not need to be removed. If the stitches are not absorbable, you will need to see your doctor again a week following surgery to have them removed.

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Why Choose Handa Aesthetic for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi?

Because you wouldn’t want to compromise with anything less than the best. Handa Aesthetic provides you the expertise of the most highly qualified and variedly trained doctors for efficient nose surgery. Most advanced and updated equipment are used for treating the patients. Not only a thorough pre-surgery consultation is given, but also it is ensured that the patient dedicatedly follows the post-operative care. Appointments are timely scheduled to monitor the healing of your nose surgery. 

Why Rhinoplasty? & Do's & Don'ts of Rhinoplasty

Why Rhinoplasty

A surgical treatment called rhinoplasty, sometimes referred to as a "nose job," is intended to reshape the nose to improve its look or usefulness. This well-liked cosmetic procedure can treat a number of issues, such as:

  • Cosmetic Improvements: Rhinoplasty can change the nose's size, shape, and proportions, giving the rest of the face a more pleasing overall balance. A pronounced hump, a broad nasal bridge, a bulbous tip, or asymmetry are a few examples of problems it can treat.
  • Correction of Breathing Issues: Rhinoplasty can address structural problems that contribute to breathing problems, such as a deviated septum or collapsed nasal valves, in addition to its aesthetic advantages.
  • An Increase in Self-Confidence: Many people have rhinoplasty to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. A nose that complements a person's facial features can improve their overall look and self-perception.

Do's & Don'ts of Rhinoplasty

To guarantee a successful and easy recovery after rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi, it's crucial to be knowledgeable about the dos and don'ts before having the procedure done:


  • Consultation with a Qualified Surgeon: Select a board-certified plastic surgeon with rhinoplasty experience. During the initial meeting, go through your worries, objectives, and medical background.
  • Realistic Expectations: Set reasonable goals for the outcome. A professional surgeon will explain what is possible and what is not based on your nose anatomy.
  • Follow Pre-Operative Instructions: Comply with your surgeon's pre-operative instructions, such as abstaining from alcohol and specific drugs, to achieve the best outcomes and reduce risks.
  • Plan for Post-Operative Care: Make arrangements for post-operative care and a ride home from the hospital.


  • Smoking and alcohol use: should be avoided before and after surgery since they might slow recovery and raise the possibility of problems.
  • Strenuous Activities: To prevent undue pressure on the nose, refrain from strenuous activities or workouts for a few weeks after the procedure.
  • Touching or Picking the Nose: To avoid infections or harm to the sensitive tissues, refrain from touching or picking your nose while healing.
  • Our team of skilled surgeons at Handa Aesthetics is committed to providing safe and efficient rhinoplasty surgery in Delhi. We put your health and happiness first, ensuring you get the outcomes you want while preserving a balanced, natural face look.

Why Rhinoplasty Surgery in Delhi?

  • A change in the angle of the nose.
  • A change in the size of your nose.
  • Reshaping its tip
  • Straightening of the bridge of your nose
  • Narrowing the nostrils
  • Disrupted sleep/ snoring
  • Difficult breathing.

Your nose job explained


  • 1.
  • Surgical Rhinoplasty

  • Frequently used method
  • Small, hidden 5mm incision
  • Surgical correction is then carrried out
  • Correction of dorsal hump, a refined tip is achieved
  • Cartilage grafts from your nose, ear or chest used to enhance shape
  • Performed under general anaesthesia (GA)
  • May be admitted for one or two nights
  • Stitches removed after 5-7 days
  • Nose splint for 7-10 days
  • 2.
  • Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

  • Also called liquid rhinoplasty
  • Alternative to surgery
  • Fillers are injected into nose to contour and reshape
  • No anaesthesia required
  • Takes around 15-30 minutes
  • Immediate results, minimal recovery time
  • Fillers used
  • Does not work for everyone
  • Not permanent, needs to be repeated after 12-18 months



Begins with consultation and analysis by our team of plastic surgeons


After assessment and discussions with you, our doctors will advise you accordingly


Once you decide on surgery, routine investigations will be conducted and the date of surgery decided


You would be required to stay at the facility for one night and will be discharged the next day.


You will need to wear a compression garment for 4 weeks


Daily routine activities can be resumed from the day after surgery and gym workout after 4 weeks.


Your body is your own and what YOU desire is our concern and our goal. We are here to counsel you and help you decide. Only when YOU and we feel sure about what is desired, do we move ahead.


  • Particularly wide noses can be narrowed
  • Bridge or nasal dorsum humps can be lowered
  • Nasal tip can be modified or rotated
  • Nostrils can be narrowed
  • Shortening of long nose
  • Straightening of crooked nose
  • Symmetry restored to injured nose
  • Breathing problems corrected

Not Possible

  • Attaining someones else’s nose
  • Choosing just any shape; only a nose shape that suits your face
  • A shape that doesn’t suit your face structure


To be beautiful, you don’t have to be born beautiful!