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Lip Augmentation in Delhi

Do you wish for a complete makeover of your lips to make them more plump, smooth and beautiful? Do you want to make your smile even more attractive? Then, we have an answer for you. This can be achieved through a procedure called lip augmentation. It is a cosmetic procedure for redefining the shape, size and structure of lips. The procedure can be done in three ways:

  • By using fillers: The procedure involves injecting gel-like substances into the lips to give fullness to lips.
  • By fat transfer: In this, fat is taken from other areas of your body and injected into the lips.
  • By implants: Plastic or body tissue implants are inserted into the lips to give them a plump look.

Lip augmentation is done for the enlargement and reshaping of lips so that they look more attractive. It increases the shine and volume of lips, re-contours them, lifts the droopy lips and also hydrates them. This article will help you to explore how lip augmentation is done, its advantages and who are the ideal candidates. Also, you will get to know where you can get the best lip augmentation done in Delhi and how you should choose your doctor.

Who needs it and who are the ideal candidates?

For experiencing the best possible outcome from a lip augmentation procedure, consult your doctor so that he/she can evaluate your overall health. He/she will help you decide whether you must opt for the procedure or not and if yes, then which procedure
is the best for you. Lip augmentation can be the right treatment option for you:

  • If you have very thin lips and are unhappy with them.
  • If it is affecting your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • If you want to modify the look of their lips making them plump and vibrant.
  • If you are an adult and in overall good health.
  • If you are a non-smoker.
  • If you have realistic expectations from the procedure.

For lip implant, you must:

  • Have almost symmetrical lips.
  • Have enough lip tissue that can be stretched so that the implant can be hidden.
  • Wish for a permanent solution from lip augmentation.
  • Prefer to save money over the long run.

You do not make an ideal candidate for lip augmentation, if:

  • You have certain medical conditions like diabetes, blood clotting disorders, lupus and connective tissue disorders, which will affect the healing mechanism of your body.
  • You are consuming medicines which can interfere with the blood clotting abilities, e.g., blood thinners or certain vitamins.
  • You have an allergy to lidocaine, an anaesthesia given for the procedure.

Always let your doctor evaluate your medical history and the health of your skin to assess if you are eligible for the procedure or not. Give a complete and correct medical history to the doctor and let him/her know all the medications and the supplements
which you are consuming or have consumed before. If you have a cold sore, inform him/her about it too. Based on these criteria, your doctor will determine if you are the right person for it.

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What to expect from the procedure and what are the benefits of lip augmentation?

Depending on the type of treatment, the results will last from 3 months to 6 years. Lip implants have the longest-lasting effects. Lip fillers usually last for 4–6 months, but some of them may last for a year. All these treatment options are flexible,
convenient and long-lasting.

After the procedure, you can expect various benefits:

From lip fillers and fat transfer procedure:

  • More self-confidence: You will have an improved appearance and it will boost your self-confidence.
  • Beautiful lips: You will have transformed lips that will be smooth, shiny, plump and young-looking.
  • Quick non-invasive procedure and immediate results: Through fillers procedure, you will get quick results and can also resume your normal activities immediately. The result of lip augmentation through fat transfer will be seen
    in a while.
  • Very less bruising: Lip fillers hardly result in bruising with less swelling.
  • Long-lasting results: Though lip fillers are temporary, they remain for many months and you can maintain the results by return visits. Fat transfer procedure lasts even longer.
  • Safe and effective procedure: The latest hyaluronic acid lip filler injection is the safest and most advanced. It hardly has any side effects. In fat transfer, your fat tissue is taken, so it is very safe too.
  • Painless: Local anaesthesia and numbing cream makes the procedure almost painless.
  • Gradual and reversible: With fillersif you are not sure how you will look, you can even opt for augmenting them slowly. If you don’t like your new look, it can also be revered.
  • Short recovery time: The time to recover after the procedure is really short, making it the easiest way and most effective way of lip augmentation.

From lip implants:

  • Permanent treatment: It is the most important advantage of lip implants.It is also reversible, so you will have flexibility too.
  • Cost-effective in the long run: Although lip implants cost more as compared to lip fillers, but, in the long run, it is cost-effective as it’s a one-time investment.

Similar to other procedures, lip augmentation is also associated with certain risks and complications:

Some mild side effects with the use of lip fillers include:

  • Bruising and swelling.
  • Minor discomfort.
  • Redness and tenderness.
  • Bleeding on injection sites.

Some serious side effects may include:

  • Scarring and stiffening of the lips.
  • Lumps or other irregularities in the lips.
  • Asymmetry of the lips.
  • Allergic reactions which can result in swelling, itching and redness around the lips.
  • Injury to blood vessels.

 Risks associated with lip implants include:

  • Bleeding and infection.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Allergic reactions from implants, especially if they are not from your own body.
  • Scarring due to hardening of implants.

Please contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms. At Dr Handa’s clinic, you will get the best lip augmentation in Delhi with maximum benefits and minimum side effects.


The lip augmentation procedures can be easily performed in a clinic requiring little or no procedure after this. Lip augmentation by fat transfer and implant surgery takes more time compared to filler procedures.

Before the procedure:

For fillers and fat transfer procedures: A topical or local numbing cream is put to reduce discomfort. Sometimes local anaesthesia injections can also be given to fully numb the lips. If you hold ice to the lips, that can also numb
the area.

For lip implant surgery: The region is cleaned and lips are made numb with a local anaesthetic solution. Sometimes general anaesthesia can also be used, although usually it is not required. Digital imaging and photo modifications
before the surgery provide very controlled and predictable results.

During the procedure:

Filler procedure:

  • Areas are carefully marked where the fillers are to be injected.
  • With very fine needles called gauge needles, the fillers are injected into the lip tissue with hardly any pain. 
  • It takes around 30–40 minutes.
  • mouth corners.
  • A small tunnel or a pocket is created by placing a clamp in the cuts.
  • The implant is inserted in the tunnel by opening the clamp.
  • The clamp is then removed, while the implants are inside the lips and stitches are put to close the cuts.
  • Usually, it takes around 40–60 minutes.

After the procedure:

Lip filler and fat transfer procedure:

  • It hardly has any recovery time. Within a day or two, depending upon your comfort and mild swelling which may occur, you can resume your daily routine.
  • Use ice or cold compress to relieve discomfort.
  • Avoid using lipstick or other makeup for at least 24–48 hours.

Lip implant procedure:

  • The recovery time is around 2–3 days.
  • Avoid any pressure or pull around the lip area like the wide opening of the mouth or pressing lips for around 7–14 days.
  • Apply ice packs and elevate your head while lying, to reduce swelling and scarring.
  • Better to avoid lip makeup for around 7–14 days, till the implants are settled.


The aftercare of lip augmentation is essential for the best possible outcomes and quick recovery and lasting results.

  • Anticipate some early bruising and swelling; they will go away in a couple of days. 
  • For comfort, use ice packs to reduce inflammation and take your medicine as directed. 
  • To minimize discomfort, keep the treated region clean and steer clear of strenuous activity. 
  • To promote healing, drink plenty of water and limit your time in the sun. 
  • To help in rehabilitation, cut back on alcohol and quit smoking. 
  • Attend follow-up visits for expert evaluation. 

Following such aftercare instructions religiously after your lip augmentation in Delhi with Dr. Handa guarantees a quick and effective recovery, enabling people to enjoy greater lip volume with results that seem natural.

How Long Does Lip Augmentation Result Last?

The procedure used determines how long the results of lip augmentation last. 

Results from temporary fillers often last from six months to a year, but they need to be touched up occasionally to keep their fullness. Semi-permanent fillers have an extended lifespan of up to two years. Permanent implants, although offering durable benefits, could need adjustments periodically. 

The length of results depends on individual characteristics including lifestyles, metabolism, and the particular filler utilized. Scheduling maintenance appointments and guaranteeing long-term happiness with your lip augmentation in Delhi are made easier with routine visits with Dr. Handa.

What To Expect From Lip Augmentation Procedures

For those looking for increased lip fullness, lip augmentation in Delhi at Handa Aesthetics and Plastics entails some expectations. Dr. Handa and you have first consultation talks when you discuss your goals, issues, and the best course of action. 

A topical anesthetic or numbing drug may be used to treat any slight discomfort that patients may feel during the treatment. After treatment, you should anticipate some bruising and swelling, which usually goes away in a few days. Results develop slowly as the swelling goes down and the ultimate increased look is seen. 

Everybody heals at a different rate, therefore following the aftercare guidelines is essential to a speedy recovery. Open interaction with Dr. Handa will guarantee reasonable expectations and happiness with the outcome.

Benefits of Lip Augmentation Procedures

  • Improved lip symmetry and fullness.
  • More fullness corrects uneven or thin lips, giving the face a more beautiful and young appearance. 
  • Redefined lip borders can balance and clarify the characteristics of the face.
  • Customization enables people to have the exact lip size and shape they prefer. 
  • Enhances self-assurance and self-worth.
  • Temporary fillers' adaptability allows for the freedom to change or undo the outcomes when preferences change. 

Lifestyle Tips To Maintain The Lip Augmentation Procedures

  • Use sunscreen to shield lips from UV radiation and avoid early aging. 
  • Keep adequately hydrated to keep lip softness and minimize dehydration-related fine wrinkles. 
  • Steer clear of smoking and heavy alcohol use since these habits might hasten the decomposition of filler materials. 
  • Overall skin health is supported by a vitamin- and antioxidant-rich, well-balanced diet. 
  • Results last longer when mild lip care is used, such as moisturizing and avoiding harsh treatments. 
  • Consistent follow-up sessions guarantee continued evaluation and possible modifications.

How much do lip injections cost in India?

Dermal fillers cost between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 25,000 per ml. Depending on the body area to be treated and the defect to be fixed, 1 to 5 ml of filler are needed.

The overall price is determined by:

  • The brand of filler used
  • The volume of filler used
  • The area to be treated- for instance, hollow cheeks (both sides) need 1–2 ml of filler, whereas the neck needs 1-3 ml.
  • The extent of discrepancy

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How much do lip fillers cost in Delhi?

Dermal fillers cost between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 25,000 per ml. Depending on the body area to be treated and the defect to be fixed, 1 to 5 ml of filler are needed.

The overall price is determined by:

  • The brand of the lip filler used
  • The area that the filler is required, for-for instance, the cheeks on both sides need 1–2 ml of filler, whereas the neck needs 1-3 ml.
  • The intensity of the discrepancy

How to choose the right plastic surgeon?

Lip augmentation is a specialised treatment and needs highly competent, certified and experienced doctors. While selecting a plastic/cosmetic surgeon for your treatment, seek a doctor who possesses the following:

  • Behaviour and attitude: Your doctor must be able to listen patiently as well as understand your needs and what you aspire from the procedure.
  • Qualified and board-certified: He/she must have the required qualifications for performing the particular procedure. The clinic must have high standards of safety, hygiene and infection control.
  • Must possess a good aesthetic acumen: Always see the before and after pictures of his/her previous patients and know their feedback about the doctor. He/she must know how to apply the incisions so that there may be minimum scarring
  • Must have good experience in the field: He/she must have worked in the subject of lip aesthetics and possess the required experience.
  • Must have follow-up skills: He/she must have excellent follow-up skills so that you will be assured of the expected healing post-procedure.

Dr Handa’s clinic will assure you of all these features for the best lip augmentation in Delhi.

How to prepare for lip augmentation?

  • Choose a well qualified and reputed surgeon to get the procedure
  • Avoid supplements and blood thinning medications as per doctor’s instructions. 
  • Strict avoidance to alcohol, a couple of weeks prior to the procedure
  • Stop using anti-aging skincare products that contain Tretinoin or other exfoliants.
  • Bring a clean face and don’t wear any makeup when you arrive for your appointment.
  • For your comfort on the day of your procedure, a topical numbing cream might be applied.
  • Avoid having an empty stomach and have something to eat or drink on the day of the procedure.

Lip augmentation in Delhi is available from Dr Handa who specialises in a range of surgical procedures with best results

Why should you choose Dr Handa’s clinic?

Dr Handa’s clinic is driven by a passion for excellence in cosmetic plastic surgery including lip augmentation in Delhi. It houses certified and well-qualified cosmetic plastic surgeons in delhi and other staff who are highly trained and dedicated towards their patients. At Dr Handa’s clinic, you will find the best state of the art facilities with the latest and most advanced technology. At Dr Handa’s clinic, you will be treated with
compassion with patient listening and understanding your needs and aspirations. They maintain high standards of safety and infection control. All the treatment plans are customised according to patients’ needs and requirements. All the packages
are affordable and pocket-friendly. An excellent follow-up is maintained by them. So what are you waiting for? Consult Dr Handa’s cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in delhi for the best lip augmentation
in Delhi.

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The average cost of lip surgery is about Rs 18000 to Rs 65000. Depending upon the location, the surgeon’s expertise, the type of filler, and its volume, the cost may vary. Lip augmentation in Delhi is readily available at Handa plastic surgery clinic.

The fillers may last between 3 months to 18 months, depending on the type of filler used. For the best lip augmentation in Delhi, schedule an appointment with Handa plastic surgery clinic for the best lip augmentation in Delhi.