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What is Hair Transplant?

Due to growing age, escalating socio-economic pressure, and mental health problems, hair loss issues have become more arresting than ever before. From elders to young children, everybody has fallen prey to it. Apparently, there are various hacks to escape hair loss. However, the most enduring method is a hair transplant.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure where the hair is taken from the portion where they are dense to the part where they are relatively scarce. It is usually collected from the back of the scalp and implanted in the front area of your head.

Right Candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi

If you are rightly suited for a hair transplant in Delhi or not is for your surgeon to ponder upon. However, the following factors play a pressing role in determining your eligibility for hair transplant surgery-

  • Sufficient Donor Area- it is crucial to understand that a hair transplant surgery takes hair from an area of your body that has dense hair growth. If you don’t have a healthy donor area, you might not make a good candidate for hair transplant surgery in Delhi.
  • Type of Hair Loss- Hair Transplant in Delhi gives its best results in genetic hair loss i.e., androgenetic alopecia. Therefore, it is pertinent to wisely inform the surgeon about the cause of your hair loss so that the treatment can be suggested accordingly.
  • Age of the Patient- because in young patients the hair fall is yet not complete, therefore, the prognosis is often difficult to make. A hair transplant surgery is usually recommended for patients above 35 years of age.
  • Hair Characteristics- particular characteristics of hair such as texture, density, hair color, scalp flexibility, thickness, etc. play a dominant role in deciding the efficacy of your surgery. For example, the denser your hair growth, the more thick and hairy will be the transplanted area.
  • Hair Fall Forecast- your future course of hair can be predicted using tricho densitometry (family history and general anamnesis). If the prognosis is adverse, hair transplantation might not be an effective treatment.
  • General Requirements the patient should essentially meet the general requirements of surgery such as least smoking, alcohol consumption, healthy diet, and post-operative care.

Hair Transplant Surgery cost in Delhi

The hair transplant surgery cost in Delhi is generally calculated on a per graft basis. An individual graft costs around Rs. 25-45. Each graft includes 1-3 hair follicles. The hair transplant cost in India generally varies from person to person depending on the size of the bald area, the number of grafts to be implanted, the selected clinic, and the technique used by the medical practitioner.

Best Doctors for Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi

The success of a surgery vitally depends on the expertise of the surgeon. It is therefore pertinent to be patient and wise while selecting the doctor for your treatment. It is advisable to look into the experience and records of the surgeon. Also, a glance at the reviews of the doctor would be really efficacious.

Why Choose Handa Aesthetic for the Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi?

At Handa Aesthetic, we ensure that the patient comprehensively understands the procedure and possible complications of the treatment. A detailed pre-surgery consultation is provided. Additionally, we have been equipped with the best expertise of professional medical experts. Advanced technologies are used to treat our patients. We recommend you to pay a visit to our clinic to get a better insight into the best hair transplant surgery in Delhi.

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Why Hair Transplant Surgery?

  • Lasting Results
  • Natural Looking Hair
  • Boosts Self-Esteem
  • Cure for Genetic Hair Loss
  • Minimal Side Effects
  • Quick Operation
  • Quick Healing
  • Minimum Discomfort
  • Higher Success Rate
  • Cost-Effective

Your hair transplants explained


Non Surgical

  • 1.
  • Topical Medications

1.1 Minoxidil

  • A vasodilator, increases blood flow to the scalp
  • Acts directly on hair follicle and stimulates growth
  • Applied directly on to the scalp

1.2. Finasteride

  • A 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, applied on scalp
  • Acts on hair follicle to inhibit enzyme
  • Reverses effect of testosterone at scalp, without side effects
  • 2.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma

  • Growth factor rich fraction of blood
  • Prepared by removing red blood cells and some plasma to get platelet rich plasma.
  • Plasma is then injected directly into scalp to stimulate hair growth
  • Indicated in active hair loss, receding hair line, thinning of hair
  • Not indicated in extensive hair loss
  • 4-6 sessions of PRP needed to be effective
  • Combined with microneedling sessions to improve effectiveness


  • 1.
  • FUT

  • A strip of hair bearing skin is removed
  • The hair are separated individually and then transplanted
  • The incision is closed with sutures in such a way that hair grow through the scar and the scar is not visible.
  • Indicated where a limited amount of hair is needed
  • Not suited for patients wishing to keep hair short
  • 2.
  • FUE

  • Individual hair are removed with a machine
  • Hair are grafted on to scalp, need minimum processing
  • Larger numbers of hair can be harvested
  • Patients can keep their hair short



Begins with consultation and analysis by our team of plastic surgeons


After assessment and discussions with you, our doctors will advise you accordingly


Once you decide on surgery, routine investigations will be conducted and the date of surgery decided


You would be required to stay at the facility for one night and will be discharged the next day.


You will need to wear a compression garment for 4 weeks


Daily routine activities can be resumed from the day after surgery and gym workout after 4 weeks.


  • Stop smoking and avoid alcohol at least 2 weeks prior to your surgery
  • Disclose any and all medications & medical conditions to your surgeon especially if you are on anticoagulants
  • Stop taking any herbal medicines at least a month prior to your surgery
  • Regular exercise for 20 min a day, from at least 1 month prior to surgery
  • Educate yourself about the surgery and know what to expect after the procedure. So you will notice anything unusual, earlier


No, not at all. Post operatively there is some pain which is managed via oral pain killers.

In the FUT method, there is a linear scar at the back of the head—this is closed in such a way that it is not seen. In the FUE method, scars are not an issue, if performed correctly.

Our doctors keep excellent follow up through phone and messages. You will keep in touch with them and are expected to visit every 2-3 days for 1 week.

The results are usually seen at 6 months.

  • We usually prefer to prepare our patients with topical minoxidil and finasteride applied for a minimum of two weeks prior to surgery.
  • Post operatively, this is continued to ensure stability of the graft.
  • Patients need to wet their scalp every two hours, for the first 5 days.
  • Heads need to be covered during this period
  • Alcohol, smoking and exertion are to be avoided for at least 1 month post hair transplantation.
  • Gym can begin 1 month after hair transplantation.

Our prices are reasonable and transparent. We aim to provide the highest quality of services at accessible prices. When you meet our doctors they will explain the details of our price structure with complete transparency.

Complications are rare. These have never happened at our centre, although medical literature reports the overall rate at 1%.Some of these complications could arise :

Infection, cellulitis of scalp, cyst and scar related complications

Beautiful hair is yours for all time!