Terms and Conditions

When you visit the website or physically visit Handa Aesthetics and Plastics forcosmetic/plastic surgery in Delhifor booking an appointment, you need to make sure to read as well as completely understand all the important terms and conditions listed below.

Booking Appointments

All doctors at the clinic are adequately trained, vastly experienced, and approved under the treatment protocols of the clinic. You need to book your appointment well in advance to get your desired date and time slot. Appointments are on a first-come first-served basis. By any chance, if you are unable to attend your pre-booked appointment, please get in touch with our team immediately.

Cancellation of Appointments

For cancellation of an appointment, you are required to inform our team at least a day in advance. Failure to cancel the appointment or reschedule it before a day will result in forfeiting all deposits, advances, and discounts along with the loss of the treatment.

When you come for your appointment at Handa Aesthetics and Plastics, it is recommended to reach the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time to complete all the required paperwork in a smooth and hassle-free manner. Our team will try to the best of its possibilities to make sure that the appointment runs on time. However, under any unavoidable circumstances where we are forced to cancel or postpone your appointment on short notice, our team would reach out to you well in advance.

Treatment Plans

When any of the treatment plans or services are booked, it is done on the basis of understanding that the user would be completing the entire treatment plan or course. We are not to be held responsible for users who change their minds during the middle of the course of treatment and we are not liable to offer any refund for the same with the exception where a user is found to be an unsuitable candidate for the particular treatment procedure for health reasons.

Suitability for the Procedure of Course of Treatment

The clinic aims to evaluate the suitability of every candidate before opting for a treatment or service. If a candidate is found unsuitable for treatment or there are chances of the procedure being unsuccessful, the clinic provides a detailed analysis of the same with valid reasons. In this case, the candidate is liable to pay only the consultation fees wherever applicable.


The clinic under no circumstance will be liable in contract, breach, or otherwise for any kind of financial loss or for any other special, direct, indirect, or consequential loss or damage as a result of any treatment procedures or services offered to the patients.

It is the responsibility of the individual undergoing any treatment at the clinic to provide all medical documents and medical history before opting for a treatment procedure. The clinic cannot be held responsible for any kind of damage occurring as a result of individuals’ failure to disclose such details.

The individuals undergoing treatment agree to comply with all recommendations, and instructions were given to them by the clinic in association with the treatment. The clinic is by no chance responsible for death or any kind of personal injury arising as a result of negligence from the individuals undergoing treatment.

Right to Complain

We aim to treat all customers equally, fairly, compassionately, and appropriately. However, if any of the customers face any issue in relation to the treatments or services of the clinic, they have the right to complain. The customers can lodge a complaint verbally, in writing, or by phone. All possible assistance will be provided by the clinic regarding lodging the complaint.

During the course of the investigation based on the complaint lodged by the customer, the clinic might require the customer to attend an additional consultation with the practitioner who was involved in the treatment. If any customer is not satisfied with the initial resolution or has any other issues with the practitioner in question, he or she can get in touch with the clinic’s head for reviewing the complaint to get the appropriate resolution. All disputes are subjected to the jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Any kind of refund or cancellation will not be entertained by Handa Aesthetics and Plastics under any circumstances except for exceptional cases which would be as per the sole discretion of the clinic.

If you require additional information regarding the terms and conditions or you have any queries, get in touch with our team at the earliest.