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Rhinoplasty Cost in India: How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in India?

Rhinoplasty or ‘nose job’ is a surgical cosmetic procedure that can change the overall appearance of your nose and facial aesthetic as well. It can sometimes aid in the treatment of breathing problems caused by structural defects such as a deviated nasal septum at birth. As a result, it helps in relieving breathing obstructions too. If you have the question, ‘How much does Rhinoplasty cost in India?’, then you are on the right page. Keep scrolling!

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and felt as if something is not right with your nose? And wonder how to fix that! Then rhinoplasty might be the only solution for your concern.

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  1. Different types of rhinoplasty & rhinoplasty cost in India
  2. How much does rhinoplasty cost In India?
  3. Factors affecting the cost of rhinoplasty
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Different types of rhinoplasty & rhinoplasty cost in India

There are various techniques involved in rhinoplasty, and the procedure varies from person to person. The whole rhinoplasty procedure is technique sensitive, and our skilled surgeons are experienced enough to carry out every aspect of rhinoplasty surgery in delhi based on the patient’s needs. After a thorough consultation with our doctor, you can go for further procedures having no doubt in your mind. Also, our medical personnel will guide you along the way.

Rhinoplasty can help in

-The correction of the aesthetic proportion of the nose in respect to other facial features.

-Correcting the nasal profile, such as humps or depressions on the nose.

-If the nostrils have any asymmetry, for example, if they are broad, big or upturned.

-If the tip of your nose is bulbous.

Rhinoplasty is divided into four categories, which are briefly detailed below:

  • Closed rhinoplasty: In this technique, rhinoplasty is performed in a conservative way. It helps to bring minor changes to your nose. 


-As the incisions are placed inside the nose, no visible scarring is present.

-Faster recovery

-Fewer chances of developing an infection

-Less duration of hospital stay

-Reduced edema or swelling after the surgery

  • Open rhinoplasty: The technique involves making a small incision at the skin over the partition between the nostrils called the columella. Your surgeon will elevate the flap to get a good exposure of the bony and cartilaginous tissues around your nose. Open rhinoplasty is ideal for those: 

           – who require a thorough change in their nasal framework

           – who have deviated nasal septum or cartilage

           – who need more accurate nasal tip modifications

           – who need a smooth nasal bridge without any bulge.

  • Liquid or non-surgical rhinoplasty: Liquid rhinoplasty can be done by injecting dermal fillers beneath the skin. Derma fillers are mostly made of hyaluronic acid. This is done for performing minor corrections in your nose. Board-certified Cosmetic Surgeon In Delhi  and dermatologists can perform this rhinoplasty with sheer accuracy. Though the results of this procedure may be temporary as the dermal fillers may disperse under the skin over a period of time, and can reverse the outcome. You may have to go for additional procedures along with this, if you are looking for a permanent solution.


– There is no need to place an incision or surgical cut for the same.

  • Secondary or revision rhinoplasty: This is performed if the patient is not satisfied with the outcome from the first rhinoplasty. This corrective surgery is done to improve the minor issues that have not been resolved after the first surgery.

How much does rhinoplasty cost In India?

  • Rhinoplasty cost in India start at Rs. 15,000 for the most basic procedure.
  • In India, the average rhinoplasty cost is Rs. 85,000.
  • In India, the maximum rhinoplasty cost is Rs.2,00,000.

Rhinoplasty cost in major cities in India

City Cost (in Rs.)
Bangalore Rs. 40,000–2,00,000
Delhi Rs. 15,000–1,50,000
Mumbai Rs. 30,000–1,70,000
Gurgaon Rs. 40,000–2,00,000
Hyderabad Rs. 30,000–2,00,000
Pune Rs. 35,000–1,50,000

Pre-operative care for rhinoplasty:

  • Consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon: Before undergoing rhinoplasty, it is crucial to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss the procedure, potential risks and benefits, and the patient’s expectations.
  • Medical history: The doctor will review the patient’s medical history and evaluate any pre-existing medical conditions that may impact the surgery or recovery process.
  • Stop smoking: It is vital that patients stop smoking at least two weeks before and after the surgery as smoking can interfere with the healing process.
  • Avoid blood thinners: The patient should avoid taking blood thinning medications at least two weeks before the surgery to minimize the risk of bleeding.
  • Arrange transportation and aftercare: The patient should arrange for transportation to and from the hospital on the day of the surgery and have a caregiver to assist them during the initial recovery period.

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Post-operative care for rhinoplasty:

  • Pain management: The patient may experience pain and discomfort after the surgery. To help with this, the doctor may prescribe some medication to manage the pain.
  • Rest and recovery: It is to rest for the first few days after surgery and avoid strenuous activities for at least two weeks. The patients should sleep with their heads elevated to reduce swelling.
  • Use of nasal splint: The patient may have a nasal splint placed on their nose after the surgery, the splint will be removed by the plastic surgeon after a week or two.
  • Avoid blowing nose: The patient should avoid blowing their nose for at least two weeks after the surgery as this can injure the surgical site.
  • Follow up with the plastic surgeon: The patient should follow up with the plastic surgeon for regular checkups and to ensure proper healing.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: The patient needs to avoid direct sunlight for several weeks post-surgery as this can cause discoloration or hyperpigmentation on the surgical site.
  • Proper nutrition: It is essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet to promote proper healing and reduce the risk of infection.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking: The patient should avoid alcohol and smoking for several weeks after the surgery as these can interfere with the healing process.

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Factors affecting the cost of rhinoplasty

Though the rhinoplasty cost is generally within the above-mentioned range in most places, it can vary based on other multiple factors like:

  • Age of the patient
  • Location of your doctor’s clinic
  • The consultation fee of a surgeon
  • The type of rhinoplasty necessary for the patient
  • Any additional procedure required to be carried out or not
  • The cost of the hospital admission
  • Type of the hospital
  • Equipment and medical service available at the clinic
  • Room you have selected
  • Patient’s overall health status
  • Overall experience of your plastic surgeon 
  • Complications that may arise after the surgery
  • Hospital stay after the surgery
  • Follow-up visits during recovery


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  • What is the difference between rhinoplasty and septoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgery performed not only to change the shape and improve the overall appearance of your nose, but also to improve the breathing efficiency through the nose. 

However, septoplasty is performed to straighten or correct the alignment of the nasal septum (the midline bone that separates the nasal passage into right and left nostrils) so that the patient can breathe without any difficulty.

  • How long is the recovery period of rhinoplasty?

After the procedure, the patient may be required to stay in the hospital for up to a week. Though the total healing will take 2–3 weeks. During the recovery period, you have to maintain the following post-operative instructions advised by your surgeon for faster recovery:

– Keep your head higher than your chest.

– Try to get plenty of rest.

– Schedule follow-up appointments with your surgeon.

– An ice pack should be kept with you at all times after surgery.

  • Is rhinoplasty painful?

Right after a rhinoplasty, some soreness due to sinus pressure and congestion is usual. If it lasts for more than a few days, you should see your surgeon straight away.

  • What should I look for in a surgeon?

– On numerous medical websites, you may read reviews from people who have had the procedure. If you are concerned about a negative comment, you can always discuss it with our doctor about it.

– Look for a surgeon with plastic surgery experience and great patient testimonials.

– You can also enquire about the success rate of rhinoplasty performed by your surgeon.

– To obtain a better image of the outcome, you can always ask your surgeon for feedback from prior patients, as well as some pre-op and post-op photos, if they can provide.


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