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Forehead Reduction Surgery: Procedure, Cost & Benefits

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Many people tend to be insecure about the size of their forehead. A larger-than-normal forehead can be a cause of major self-esteem issues amongst people of all ages and genders. A forehead reduction surgery is a popular invasive cosmetic procedure that restores people’s facial proportions. This procedure is meant to reduce the distance between your hairline and your eyebrows by removing excess skin.

Continue reading further to learn about what the procedure entails, the benefits of it, and how much it costs.

Are you suitable for hairline-lowering surgery?

A person who fits the following criteria is suitable for a forehead reduction procedure-

  • A person with an unusually high hairline.
  • A person with a thick hairline, coarse hair, and no family history of premature hair loss.
  • A person with thin yet stretchy forehead skin.
  • A person who has recently had a brow lift or hair grafting procedure who wishes to reduce their forehead size.

How do you prepare for hairline lowering surgery?

If you are suitable for a forehead reduction surgery, you’ll be asked to consult with a surgeon about your medical history. Once the surgeon confirms that you are fit to undergo the surgery, they’ll check the elasticity of your skin and discuss with you the risks associated with surgery and how much skin will be removed during the surgery.

Additionally, the surgeon will request that you stop taking certain prescribed medications that adversely affect your blood pressure, like ibuprofen. You’ll also be asked to avoid taking recreational drugs, smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol. On the day of the surgery itself, you’ll be asked not to eat anything at least 6 hours before the surgery.

What happens during the forehead reduction surgery?

The forehead reduction surgery is done under the effects of general anesthesia and usually lasts a couple of hours. Before anesthesia is administered and the patient is awake, the best forehead reduction surgeon would mark the area that is going to be surgically removed. The surgeon ensures that the patient’s hairline is preserved and the healthy hair follicles are not mistakenly removed.

Once the patient is fully under the effects of the general anesthesia, the surgeon will apply a numbing agent on the forehead, focusing on the area from where the hairline ends and the eyebrows start. Then, they’ll carefully make an incision along the marked area. The skin is then carefully separated from the connective tissues underneath and then removed completely.

After the excess skin has been removed, the incision made under the hairline is pulled down and stitched with the incision made to remove the skin on the forehead. Usually, either sutures or staples are used to mend the gap. This is because the surgery scar heals more effectively with sutures and blends naturally into the hairline.

How do you properly recover from hairline lowering surgery?

In cases where the surgery is completed without any complications, the patient can return home after they start to regain consciousness. However, they will not be able to drive home. As is the case with most surgeries, the patient will be prescribed antibiotics and topicals to ease pain, reduce the chances of infection, and aid the wound healing process. It is normal to experience swelling, tenderness, and bruising around your forehead and eyes a couple of days after surgery.

The patient must adhere to the following steps for an easy recovery-

  • Return to the plastic surgery clinic as requested for regular checkups and postoperative care for the next two to four weeks.
  • Remove the surgical pressure as and when instructed.
  • Regularly apply ice packs to the forehead surgery scar to reduce inflammation and promote blood flow to the region.
  • Take the prescribed medication, clean the wound, and apply the prescribed topicals to reduce scarring and bruising.
  • Wash your hair after consulting with your doctor.
  • Sleep on clean pillows with your head slightly elevated to reduce swelling.

Benefits of hairline lowering surgery

Forehead reduction surgery is a popular routine cosmetic procedure with high success rates. This simple procedure has a short recovery time and long-lasting effects. Let us delve a little deeper into some of its other benefits.

  1. Permanent Results

Unlike some cosmetic surgeries like Botox and fillers, the effects of this surgery are permanent and long-lasting.

  1. Improves Facial Symmetry

A disproportionately large forehead, in comparison to a normal-sized face, can negatively affect the balance of a face. However, with a hairline lowering surgery, this issue can be mitigated, restoring symmetry and facial proportions.

  1. Boosts Self-Confidence

Hair is the cause of a lot of people’s self-esteem issues. Many people are teased for the size of their forehead, their asymmetrical hairline, or how disproportionate their forehead is to their face. Constant bullying and teasing can cause people mental and physical stress, which is detrimental to their social well-being. Therefore, many people opt for forehead reduction surgery as it helps them feel comfortable in their skin and gain self-confidence.

  1.  Makes You Look Younger

The best forehead reduction surgeon at Handa Aesthetics and Plastics would remove the excess skin from the forehead region to reduce the size of the forehead. This removes wrinkles from the forehead and gives you a youthful appearance.

  1. Improves Hair Density

If you have a thin or receding hairline, then a forehead reduction surgery can reduce temporal hair loss and improve the density of the hair along your hairline.

How much does hairline reduction surgery cost?

Since a hairline lowering surgery is a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by insurance and has to be paid out of pocket. The cost of forehead reduction surgery in India may range from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 90,000. This is because the cost of the surgery heavily depends upon the location of the clinic, the surgeon’s expertise, anesthesia, medication, post-surgery care, and the extent of the surgery itself.


Hairline lowering surgery is a serious life-changing cosmetic surgery that should be gotten from the best-accredited clinics possible, like Handa Aesthetics and Plastics. Our team of professional doctors and surgeons with over 30+ years of experience provides quality advanced treatment for all your cosmetic needs.

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