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Breast Augmentation / Boob Job: Top 10 Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Breast Augmentation surgery (BoobJob) is getting popular among the masses with increased affordability and progressing technologies used in breast enhancements. Like any other surgery, boobjob requires a good recovery time and healing after the surgery. 

While each individual’s experience of an implant and surgery is unique, breast augmentation experience varies undoubtedly from one individual to another. Most patients can recover well and start their activities slowly from day 7 of the surgery and by the 2nd – 4th week post-surgery, the normal daily activities can resume. It is typically observed that the implants settle and the outcomes are realized by the 6th week of breast augmentation surgery. 

However, all this is possible when one follows the necessary boobjob recovery time tips that can help you through a faster and better recovery process.

Table of Contents

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  1. Pain Management
  2. Avoid Physical Exercises & Activities
  3. Don’t touch your Surgical Wound
  4. Wear Right Bras
  5. Say No to Smoking
  6. Take medications on Time
  7. Healthy diet & More Fluid Intake
  8. Massage Regularly
  9. Have a positive Attitude
  10. Keep a check on all types of abnormalities

Take Away

1.Pain Management

Breast augmentation surgery carries a certain degree of pain, muscle soreness, swelling but can be managed with prescribed painkillers / pain relievers. Typically, women who have undergone implant placement below the muscle, experience more pain as compared to the implant placement above the muscle. Usually, pain and discomfort subside within 7-10 days post-surgery.

Initially, when the implants are placed, the region feels hard and highly positioned. After the boobjob recovery time of 6 weeks, the implants settle down in the required position and the breast softens. Some may observe stretch marks, especially when larger implants are used. However, laser treatments can help these stretch marks. 

Scarring is the most unavoidable outcome of the boob job (surgery to enhance breasts). The plastic surgeon will try to make incisions and tuck in implants through the least visible areas like below the breasts, around the areola line, and armpits. Nowadays, silicone tapes, topical gels are used to reduce scars effectively.

2.Avoid Physical Exercises & Activities

An initial couple of weeks post breast augmentation, your surgeon will advise less physical activity and more rest. Follow your doctor’s instructions and start slowly with gentle walking from day 2 after the surgery. Slow walking can help the healing process. Avoid strenuous movements, sports, bending, heavy weight lifting, and intense workouts in the gymnasium until you have completely recovered and are advised by your specialist. When you are planning to start exercising; it is always recommended to slowly and wisely introduce an intense exercise regime.

3.Don’t Touch your Surgical Wound

After the breast augmentation surgery, the bandages are likely to be there for a week after which proper wound care is essential for effective healing and minimum scarring. 

  • Keep your wound site dry for at least 1 week
  • Use compression bandages that can protect the wounds 
  • Clean the surgical wound as recommended by the doctor
  • Use topical creams/gels prescribed by the doctor

4.Wear Right Bras

Proper breast supportive gears are essential for long-term and efficient results. And so, choosing the right bra is important during recovery time. It is advised to wear surgical bras for a couple of weeks after surgery. For regular use, leisure bras or soft cotton bras can work well and minimize discomfort. Keep the sports bra reserved for exercising and avoid underwire bras at least for a couple of months after surgery. 

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5.Say No To Smoking

If you smoke or are subjected to smoke, you will need to refrain from smoking and smoke exposure for a minimum of three months before and indefinitely after surgery. Cosmetic surgeries including boobjob can delay healing in smokers. Vitamin C is an essential healing component that smokers (including second-hand smokers) are deficient with. And so, the following condition(s) can be observed as a result of smoking.

  • Lower immunity 
  • Increased blood clots/deep vein thrombosis or cardiac strokes 
  • Higher risks of infection 
  • Necrosis of the breast tissues
  • Lower collagen that can lead to permanent “bottom out” of breasts 
  • In case of fat transfers, fat transferred is less likely to survive

Staying away from smoking can be a catalyst for a successful breast augmentation.

6.Take Medications on Time

Breast augmentation surgery or the boob job involves anesthesia administration. As soon as the anesthetic effects come down, anti-nausea pills, anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, and painkillers are prescribed to control nausea, inflammation, infection, and pain symptoms. Muscle relaxants are also part of the prescription that can relieve neck, back, chest, and shoulder muscle discomfort. Timely medications do help to recover better.

7.Healthy Diet & More Fluid intake

Diet plays a key role in steering the wheel of a quick recovery process post boobjob. After the surgery, your body will need to build up new tissues and heal the wounds. Ensuring sufficient nutrient intake with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and adequate proteins for the tissue-building process is essential. 

Improve your fluid intake. A good amount of fluid can speed up the recovery after breast augmentation. Also, it is always better to avoid coffee and carbonated drinks as they can lead to dehydration. 


8.Massage regularly

Your doctor will advise you to massage the breasts regularly during the breast augmentation recovery time and provide you breast augmentation recovery tips. Self-massaging of breasts has a lot of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Reduced scar tissue formation near the implants
  • Help keep the breast tissues supple, flexible and bouncy
  • Helps maneuver the breasts into the desired shape
  • Rightly positioning the implant as they settle and heal

9.Have a Positive Attitude

Healing may be a physical process but it is more psychological and/or mental. Sometimes, healing may not be as quick as anticipated or the results may not be as expected. It is necessary to understand that an implant is an external device and will take time to get in sync with your body. For any reason, do not get absorbed by anxiety, depression, or any other ongoing negative thoughts that come along during the breast augmentation recovery time. Which is why it is necessary to always follow your surgeon’s breast augmentation recovery tips. Be optimistic and preoccupy yourself with positive thinking for a positive outlook, positive result, and positive recovery.  

10.Keep a check on all types of abnormalities

In case of severe pain or nausea immediately after the surgery, Contact the doctor without any further delay. If you observe excessive, excruciating pain, discomfort, redness, or swelling during the recovery time that worsens with time, take the doctor’s assistance immediately. These signs are the indications of an abnormality and early assessment can reduce the risk of severe complications. 

It is also necessary to keep a watch on pain and discomfort while reintroducing the activities. If you observe any problem in the condition; hold back, do not push yourself through a quick recovery, and give your body time to heal properly. 


Among the many cosmetic surgeries, breast enhancing is becoming popular and demanding. While we understand that breast augmentation recovery tips is as important as surgery, proper nutrition, rest, medication, and hydration are the four requirements of a better recovery time, among the other tips that are prerequisites of a good recovery. 

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