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Everything you need to know about Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breasts are an invariable part of a woman’s identity. Every woman wants to have naturally fuller and rounder breasts which also plays a major role in self-esteem and confidence.

Breast Augmentation surgery or ‘breast job’ is a fairly popular cosmetic procedure among women.  In common definition, it is called breast enlargement surgery. The procedure includes the use of implants for aesthetic and restorative purposes, to modify the size of the breasts.

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  1. What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?
  2. Do you really need breast augmentation surgery?
  3. How is it Performed?
  4. What to expect after Breast Augmentation Surgery?
  5. Cost of Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi?

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1. What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast Augmentation surgery, a cosmetic procedure known medically as Augmentation Mammoplasty, is done to alter and augment natural breast shape. As it involves the alternation of breast tissue, it is a surgical process and should be performed by a certified plastic surgeon. In breast augmentation surgery, enhancers known as implants are placed under the existing breast tissues of the patients to increase the size. Sometimes the implants are also placed under the chest region. The main objective of this procedure is to restore lost breast volume or enhance breast symmetry.

Two different types of implants can be used:

  1. Artificial Gel Implants: These are artificial implants made of a variety of materials, commonly silicon. These are the most frequently utilized implant variants.

There are a variety of gel breast implants available in the market according to different shapes, sizes and different materials.  These implants differ in their material, texture, cost and longevity. Choosing a durable and high-quality implant would initially add up to the cost of breast augmentation surgery but will pay off in the long run. The most common ones are silicone implants, high cohesion silicone implants, saline implants, structured saline implants, Gummy Bear implants and hydrogel implants.

2. Fat implants: These are the affinity tissues from the patient’s own body, preferably the torso and thigh region. The fat tissues are first removed, cleaned and then inserted into the chest region. This technique is fairly cheaper compared to silicone gel implants and can decrease the overall cost of breast augmentation surgery.

Women undergo enlargement surgery for a number of reasons; both for aesthetic and reconstructive purposes. Breasts affect the overall appearance of a female body and sometimes it’s the leading cause of low self-esteem and confidence in females. Studies have also shown a steady increase in confidence and a better self-image in females that have undergone the surgery.

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The ideal candidates for a breast augmentation surgery are women who:

  • Lost a lot of weight recently, resulting in a decrease in the size of her breasts.
  • Pregnancy and lactation can change the shape and contour of the boobs.
  • Asymmetrical breasts: usually there is some asymmetry present in between both breasts, but sometimes the asymmetry is prominent.
  • Underdeveloped breast: Sometimes the breast tissue is not completely developed in some females.
  • Women with a disproportionate physical appearance like smaller breasts and larger hips may undergo the surgery to even out their body proportions.
  • Breast cancer survivor looking for reconstructive surgery.

2. Do you really need breast augmentation surgery?

As breast augmentation is elective surgery, it’s a completely personal choice of a woman to undergo this surgery.

If you’re somebody who:

  1.  Is unsatisfied with the general appearance of your breasts.
  2. Gone through surgery or chemo that damaged the mammary tissue,
  3. With underdeveloped and small breasts
  4. Underwent one or multiple pregnancies which led to a reduction in the volume of breasts
  5. Has asymmetrical breasts

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should consider consulting an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can guide you with the surgery.

This surgery is a relatively safer and common procedure but there are still some contradictions to the surgery. Before the surgery, the surgeon makes sure that you :

  • Are not under 18 years of age as the breast tissues are not fully developed by then
  • Have no current health complications like cancer or any autoimmune disorder.
  • Are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding.
  •  Are overall healthy

3. How is breast augmentation surgery performed?

There are a variety of techniques and implants available in the market. The plastic surgeon first evaluates the body shape, structure and overall health. This helps them in creating a treatment plan tailored specifically for that patient. This includes choosing the right implant size and implant type along with the right surgical technique.

So, what to expect when you go for the surgery?

The doctor will first administer anaesthesia and then make an incision or a cut along the natural crease of the body. The main advantage of creating an incision like that reduces any future scarring of the skin.

There are different types of incision techniques that a surgeon can follow and can change the cost of breast augmentation surgery. These include:

  • Inframammary surgery: the incision is made into the natural as inframammary crease
  • Periareolar incision: in this technique, the cut is made in the dark nipple region which hides the scar efficiently.
  • Transaxillary technique: The incision is made on the side where the armpit is present. This works well in hiding the scar.
  • Transumbilical technique in the particular technique the incision or cut is made at the naval area.

The implant is then placed in the surgically created pocket. After the smooth insertion of the implant, the opening is sealed with the help of the sutures.

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How do you prepare for Breast  Augmentation

4. What to expect after breast augmentation surgery?

After the breast augmentation surgery, the patient might experience pain for a week and soreness or swelling for a few weeks. It is completely normal as the body is recovering from the surgery.

Following the operation, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Reducing physical activity to a minimum for a few days
  • Taking plenty of rest
  • No strenuous weight lifting or workout

The rate of recovery is subjective and is different from person to person. In most situations, the patient will be able to resume their normal routine immediately following surgery. The plastic surgeon generally prescribed over the counter painkillers.

5.Will the scarring be permanent?

A good surgeon will take extra precautions to minimise the visibility of the scars beforehand. The various new techniques of incisions are very efficient in masking the scar signs. The initial redness and scars will eventually disappear after a period of 6 months or less. The surgeons will also recommend regular massaging of the breasts a few days after the surgery which helps in diffusing the scar tissues formed near the implants.

6. Cost of breast augmentation surgery in Delhi?

The cost of breast augmentation surgery differs widely and varies on a plethora of factors.

  • First and foremost, it is dependent on the sort of clinic and the location in which it is located. Metropolitan cities tend to charge more compared to other cities.
  • The costs also depend upon the facilities and instrumentation available in a particular clinic. With increasing advancement and newer equipment, the costs also increase.
  • Many clinics provide a complete package that includes post-surgery care as well as VIP treatment, which adds to the cost.
  • Generally, the cost of breast augmentation surgery in Delhi is anywhere between 1 lakh to 4 lakh depending upon the surgeon, the clinic and the facilities.

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Take Away

Finding a good breast augmentation clinic in Delhi can be hard because of the presence of so many clinics and surgeons. One should do their complete research and then choose a surgeon who is experienced and can provide a seamless treatment to the patient. Handa Aesthetics is a renowned name in the world of plastic surgery and is considered an expert in breast augmentation surgery. With world-class facilities and attentive staff, it is one of the best clinics in Delhi. Dr Handa believes in delivering the best results and is dedicated to making you look like the best version of yourself.

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